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Around February of 2004, before 12StepRadio ever existed, Bill Z. and Gracie H. were talking on the phone (he's in California and she's in Tennessee) about Bill's vision of one day being able to walk into a music store and having an entire section dedicated to recovery music. (Gracie reminded him that it wasn't all that long ago when bookstores didn't have "recovery" sections.) A few days later, Gracie fired off an E-mail to Bill. It went something like this, "Why don't you start an Internet radio station that plays recovery music?" Bill went online and found that the url www.12stepradio.com was available and registered it. After many hours of activity, excitement, temporary setbacks, disappointment, and victories by a dedicated team of unlikely comrades, and constant support from a higher power, 12StepRadio.com went live on April 17, 2004, at 4:49 PM