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BullsEye Radio has been on the net for the last 5 years trying to find our spot so to speak. After much bouncing around and jumping from different genre's of music, we have decided to stick with one genre. The genre that started the owner of this station out in radio in the first place . . .the Oldies! Here at BullsEye Radio you will find some of the greatest memories of yesteryear and the best part is that you can hear them all day long, all night long, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You will not hear any songs past 1989. We will start from as far back as the 20's and go right up through the years to the late 80's. And there we will stop, because music drastically changed during the following years. Some people, many people, believe not for the better. We have some of the most talented people anywhere on the world wide web who DJ for us ! If Oldies are your favorite genre, then you have found the best on the net there is right here! Our logo is and always will remain the same.